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Time to edit the ol' bio. So I'm now 18, just licensed (hah!), have a passionate affection for anything that can make me tap my heel or put a smile to my lips (so music, family, dogs, reading, movies, the Bible, games, dancing, writing, winning, ect, ect, ect.). I'm currently hoping a job will fall into my lap as well as a car... painful. I'm not single seeing as I'm married to my dog, and if that didn't creep you out I guess you have a chance with me! "I see what you did there!". I have no idea what I want to be what I grow up except for a, cross my fingers, great husband and great father. So have fun my personal stalkers! See you in the words.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012


Well since I had no idea where I was going to go after the first chapter I'm looking at the third chapter and have no idea where to take it...I should have really planned a story out before I agreed to ten chapters. But I agreed to it and do it I shall! Just wanted to update you. I'm about to begin on the third chapter (I've been busy with school and work) so yeah, hopefully it'll come soon.

Random Fact of The Day: This blog was sitting here for six hours before I figured out a random fact of the day to put in it. Also did you know that it's possible to go number 1 & 2 at the same time! Don't ask me how I know...

Daily Reading: Phillipians 1:15-23 - Look at Paul. That guy is a beast. If I live then praise the Lord that I can continue preaching and if I die in this prison then I'll praise the Lord in Heaven! And he didn't even care that some preachers were preaching with the thoughts of being against him, he just cared that the word of God was being sent out there, using the whole, 'seed' philosophy. He was intense.

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